Here at FoggyTrail, we’re changing the way that hunters and outdoorsmen interact with the land around them by leveraging the power of technology, an expansive community of sportsmen and landowners, and a genuine love for the outdoors.

By seamlessly connecting outdoorsmen with landowners, we’re making access to quality private hunting land a possibility and providing added business for landowners. In order to completely understand our mission, though, you need to know my story.

Born and raised in Eastern Iowa, with its rolling hills, open land, and winding creek beds, the love of hunting comes naturally to me. Spring turkey season is quite possibly my favorite time to hunt. There’s nothing like a serene 5 A.M. hike to your blind; resting the back of your head against a tree as you get situated and simply listening, allowing a quiet forest to come alive around you. I cherish these moments - waiting to hear that first turkey gobble and feeling my heart jump through my chest as I ready myself - more than anything.

After relocating to California for work, I lost access to a lot of land and the weekend hunting trips that were so readily available back home. While California is a huge state, I was surprised to find that access to private hunting land is extremely limited. I soon discovered that hunters experience a similar issue in every part of the country: in order to hunt good land, you need to know someone who knows someone.

That’s why I decided to build FoggyTrail, a marketplace for renting quality private hunting land. A platform with both the landowner and outdoorsmen in mind, FoggyTrail provides outdoorsmen with endless access to land and gives landowners an opportunity to preserve their land while making money in the process.

Our journey is just beginning, but our devotion to delivering an unparalleled experience for outdoorsmen and landowners will always remain as pure as it is right now.I sincerely hope you get as much enjoyment out of using FoggyTrail as I do, and I can’t wait to work with you.

Happy hunting,
Scott Knight
Founder and CEO of FoggyTrail