The 4 Biggest Headaches Outfitters Face

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If you’re an outfitter, you got into your line of work because you love providing outdoorsmen and sportsmen with unforgettable natural experiences. You take incredible pleasure in a brisk November sunrise, a perfectly constructed log cabin campfire, or selecting the perfect gear for your upcoming hunt. More than anything, you love sharing these experiences with those close to you. Still, when you’re caught up in some of the less glamorous aspects of the business, it can be easy to start to forget these wonderful facets of outfitting. Take a look at some of the biggest headaches outfitters face, and how we can help:

1) Showcasing Your Business

When you’re putting countless hours into building a beautiful outfitting business, taking the time to showcase it on the Internet can become a secondary priority or just fall by the wayside entirely. After all, who wants to take the time to build a website when there’s nature to enjoy. Luckily, FoggyTrail makes it easy for you to show the glamorous sides of your business online and attract new customers. With our platform there’s no need for you to construct or maintain your website. Just upload some photos, rates and descriptions of your services and you’re good to go.

2) Building a Network

Whether you're an outfitter or a trail guide, much of your career success is going to depend on the strength of your network. Regrettably, keeping current with digital marketing practices isn't always possible when you're keeping your boots out in the wilderness. FoggyTrail makes this worry a thing of the past by providing you with the perfect space to attract new customers, maintain your existing relationships, and get the word out about your services.

3) Administrative Duties

You want to get paid for your work, but you don’t want to spend your time managing a calendar, accounts receivable and payable files or insurance and licensing paperwork. The fact of the matter is that you’d rather be outside honing your skills as an outfitter, but these sorts of duties can take you away from what you love. When you leverage our technology, your worries about scheduling, managing payments and dealing with compliance become a thing of the past. Our platform will change the way you view your work as an outfitter by leaving you to what you love.

4) Managing Client Lists and Contracts

It’s important that you maintain client lists and contracts from all of the outdoorsmen and sportsmen who use your services. In addition to maintaining your sales funnel, it also provides you with opportunities for repeat business by creating a stockpile of client information. With that said, we know you’d rather be outside or trying new gear than going through old contracts. Let us take care of it, you’ll be glad you did.

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