4 Ways to Promote Your Listing Across Social Media

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While FoggyTrail provides you with the ideal platform to list your rural property for other outdoorsmen and hunters to see, promoting your listing externally is also important. Simply put: the larger the audience your listing reaches, the more business you’re likely to see. Social media is the perfect tool to promote your listing - take a look at these 4 ways to use social media to your advantage and gain more renters for your property.

1) Facebook

If you own rural land and have an interest in renting it out, there’s a decent chance the people you socialize with have similar interests. Why not let them know about your listing? Best of all, if you get any responses from this group, you’re renting to someone you know and not a stranger.

2) Twitter

While Twitter might not seem like the perfect platform for promoting your listing on social media, it can be extremely useful. The brevity of a tweet lets you say what you want to in few words without drawing things out. Even better: opt for new words at all. Simply Tweet out a picture of your property with the hyperlink to the listing embedded below it.

3) Start an Instagram for your Property

Start by giving your property a name - something intriguing and specific - like “Turkey Hunter Paradise by Lake Winnebago.” Create an Instagram account under that name and regularly post photos of your property in different seasons, allowing viewers to see what it might be like to rent it that time of year. Share your photos to your Facebook and Twitter pages to increase your audience!

4) Referral Codes

Getting other people involved is a great way to increase demand for your rental. Putting referral codes on your Facebook, Twitter or other social media account can help get your prior renters involved. If your prior tenants and friends post referral codes attracting new customers, you get more business and they receive a small benefit or partial compensation.

Once you've begun to harness the power of social media, you're ready to make further steps towards increasing demand for your property.

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