5 Must-Experience Spots In The Midwest For Hunters

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The Midwest provides hunters with a perfect opportunity to visit multiple states and experience beautiful land and countless adventures on any given hunting trip.

While you’re here, you’ll want to make sure to take in at least a few of these regional gems and make some memories:


1) Bag a Turkey in St. Joseph, MO:

Turkey hunters, rejoice. Northwestern Missouri is an absolute paradise for those looking to hunt these delicious birds. Here, turkey hunting has become an integral part of the culture. Each year, the town and it’s surrounding county welcome turkey hunters from all over the Midwest. Expert hunters will enjoy the solitude and open land they find here, while beginners will appreciate the bevvy of outfitters on hand.


2) Get Away From it All in Southern Illinois:

Not far from the commotion and daily grind of life in Chicago lie beautiful prairies, rolling hills and more in the Southern half of Illinois. Clark, Jasper and Wayne Counties are known for their whitetail hunting, and also provide rich forests ripe with opportunity for trapping and hunting small game. 



3) Morel Hunting in Wisconsin:

Morel mushrooms are an extremely rich delicacy that grow in the forests of the Midwest. One of the region's’ best kept secrets, these mushrooms tend to grow on the edge of forested areas, usually in shaded areas of southern-facing hillsides. Morels experience a short grow season in early spring, during the first thaws of the year. Midwesterners, especially Wisconsinites, have made a tradition of harvesting, cooking and selling this delicious species. 



4) Fish the Lake of the Woods, MN:

In Minnesota, ice fishing is more of a way of life than a hobby. Since the state’s inceptions, fishermen, outdoorsmen and sportsmen have flocked to the Northern area of the state to set up ice fishing shacks on Lake of the Woods. With nearly 70,000 feet of shoreline, you’ll be able to find both privacy and, of course, an abundance of fish - the lake has naturally thriving populations of walleye, bass, trout, sturgeon, pike and muskie. 



5) Fish, Hunt and Camp in Copper Harbor, MI:

Local Midwesterners  know that some of the best whitetail hunting, bird hunting and fur trapping takes place in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula - called “The U.P.” for short. While the drive to get here can be long, you’ll find an absolutely gorgeous wilderness, much of it untouched by human development. While here, find your way to Copper Harbor, Michigan. A small, seasonal town in the northwoods, Copper Harbor provides an array of small businesses and restaurants that serve Northwoods delicacies, including thimbleberry ice cream in the summer. If you’re looking to camp after you hunt, consider taking the ferry out to Isle Royale National Park - an island holding one of the last natural wolf habitats in the world, and a beautiful backpacking destination.

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