6 Things Hunters Want to Know About Your Land

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So, you’ve decided to list your land for rental on FoggyTrail. First of all, congratulations! You’re one step closer to earning passive income from your property. In order to make your listing desirable to hunters, though, it’s important that you focus on exactly what they want to know about your property. Make sure that you cover these key points in your listing to make your property as desirable as possible:

1) Available Game

It may seem relatively obvious, but you might be surprised by how many individuals don’t think to cover what sort of game is available when writing their listing. Is your property ideal for hunting rabbits, deer, or something more exotic? Regardless of what game is on offer, it’s imperative that you include it in your listing, along with photos to intrigue your potential renter.

2) Acreage

Not all hunters will be looking for a massive, sprawling piece of property to rent, but it’s still important that you state the acreage of your land clearly in your listing. This will present a clearer description of the property to potential renters and also allow them to plan their activity for the rental period more accurately. More importantly - this ensures that you have an idea of where your renters will be on your property during their stay.

3) Access Points

If your property is large and expansive, it’s particularly important that you list any and all access points available to hunters. In addition to keeping your renters from getting lost, this also affords you the opportunity to list any areas of the property that are forbidden, such as sensitive cropland or private residences.

4) Natural Hazards

It’s important to list any natural hazards occurring on your property clearly within your FoggyTrail listing. This will make it so that there are no surprises when a hunter arrives at your property and so that all parties involved can be fully prepared for the outing. Make sure to mention any rivers, ravines, sinkholes, etc.

5) Farmed vs. Natural Land?

As you likely already know, different types of land are preferable for different styles of hunting. Hunters looking for a true backcountry experience will be more likely to opt for a natural landscape, while others will want to rent farmed land. Both have their benefits, but be sure to make clear to potential renters whether your land is farmed or natural. Providing aerial photos will allow your renters to see ridgelines, rivers and other topographical features important for planning their hunting experience.

6) Free Roaming Livestock

One of the most critical things to include in your listing is detail regarding whether or not any free-roaming livestock are on your property. Whether you have naturally occurring animals residing on your property or are raising cows or other livestock - letting your hunters know can prevent any accidental damage to your livestock. Additionally, this can minimize the risk of anyone being startled by free-roaming animals.

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