8 Reasons Why No One Invites You Hunting

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When’s the last time you were invited on a group hunt? Has it been a few years?

It might be that they’re simply too busy to hunt. It might be that they forgot to call.

Or it might be you.

Hunting hours are too limited and too precious to waste, so if you do any of these things, your friends will notice and never call again...

1. You Can’t Call Game, But You Call Anyways

If you are hunting on your own, it’s okay to practice your turkey or duck calls, but if you’re on a group hunt, it’s best to leave the calling to the most experienced hunter. If you insist on calling the ducks but you simply stink, your friends will stop calling.

2. You Talk Too Much

Nobody wants to hunt with Chatty Cathy. While a little conversation in the field or behind the blind is okay, you need to stay focused on the task at hand: harvesting game.

3. You Insist on Bringing Your Untrained Dog

We’d all love to see your puppy blossom into a world-class bird dog, but your friends don’t want to sacrifice their precious hunting time to make it happen!

4. You Blast Away at Anything in Sight

Sometimes the best shots are the ones you don’t take. If the ducks are too far, if the pheasant is flying through tree cover, if the deer is still on the run, hold your shot or you’ll never be invited again.

5. You Can’t Get Up Early

Not a morning person? That’s okay, just don’t expect your friends to wait on you when shooting hours are about to start.

6. You Don’t Respect the Land or the Wildlife

Nothing is worse than hunting with someone who has no respect for the property or the animals. At FoggyTrail, respect for the land is a cornerstone of outdoor life. If you drop trash, shoot at carcasses, or do donuts in a field, you’re never going to be welcome on the hunt. Good riddance!

7. You Take Shots That Aren’t Yours to Take

In upland bird hunting, there are proper shooting lanes. In elk, turkey, or deer hunting, it should be established from the start who gets to shoot first. Taking shots that aren’t yours is selfish and unsafe, and a quick way to get you kicked out of the group.

8. You Have No Muzzle Control

What are you pointing at? Where is your muzzle aimed? A hunter who is always aware of their muzzle position is welcome on a hunt; the ones that don’t are rarely called again.

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