Coyote Hunting Tips That Hunters Need to Know

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When duck, deer, and pheasant seasons has closed, many hunters pack up their gear and wait for next fall...

Smart hunters, however, keep their camouflage ready for coyote hunting.

In many states, coyote hunting is a year-round opportunity, so unpack your gear, clean your rifle, and practice your calls, because you’re going coyote hunting with FoggyTrail!



When Are Coyotes Most Active?

Coyotes can be active during any time of day, but the most active time for coyotes is often the night. Most hunting activity for coyotes will occur between sundown and sunup, and many of the animals start moving before the sun sets and stop shortly after the morning rise.

Although hunters can certainly have success hunting coyotes during the day, many will have better consistency if they hunt at night. This is especially true for hunting coyotes that live in close proximity to humans. Because of the animal’s close association with humans, they tend to maintain stronger nocturnal hunting habits to avoid being seen.

This makes the night an obvious time to hunt, but many coyote experts choose to be active in the late evenings and early mornings. The twilight hours offer an excellent combination of good lighting and coyote activity, making it a popular choice for hunters all across the country. (Love deer hunting? Get Deer hunting news, here).


Coyote Hunting Lights

Because of the coyote’s hunting habits, the night is often seen as the best time to hunt. This creates an obvious challenge, however. With darkness comes the need for artificial light, but bright lights can easily scare away the skittish coyote.

For this reason, many hunters choose red LED lighting, which, while not invisible to coyotes, is difficult for them to see. There are also white and green lighting options, but hunters in areas with denser populations (such as the eastern portion of the country) tend to favor red LED hunting lights.


Coyote Hunting Calls

Coyote calls are a virtual must-have for coyote hunting. Just look at a coyote’s sizable ears and you can see that these animals use hearing for many different purposes, including hunting and mating.

Calls generally come in two forms: electronic and mouth callers. Electronic calls are particularly popular because they can be placed in the firing zone, allowing you to call coyotes exactly where you want them. When used alongside a visual decoy, electronic coyote calls significantly enhance your chances of success.


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