Deer Hunting Rifles

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There are thousands of deer hunting rifles available, with wide variations in size, chambering, action, and price. With a dizzying array of options, finding the perfect choice for your needs can be mind-numbing.

Choosing the best rifle can be a struggle, but there are a few popular options that every deer hunter should consider (also see Important Deer Hunting Season Dates that every deer hunter needs to know).


From the forest to the fields, these are the Top 6 Deer Hunting Rifles for American Hunters, or any outdoor enthusiast...


6. Weatherby Mark V

deer_hunting_rifle_mark-v_deluxe.jpgSource - Weatherby

Weatherby began as an innovative ammunition company, emphasizing bullet speed over size. The Mark V, originally released in 1957, was specifically designed for Weatherby’s ammunition, such as the .240 Weatherby Magnum. Although modern Mark V rifles, such as the Mark V Accumark, use updated technology and engineering, they hold true to the basic design principles that have made them one of the most successful deer rifles in history.


5. Ruger American

Deer_hunting_rifle_ruger_american.jpgSource - Ruger

 Ruger makes numerous versions of the “American” model, a light-weight rifle that sticks to the essentials of hunting performance. This rifle was specifically designed for simplicity, creating an affordable, no-nonsense deer hunting rifle that can be found in different versions, including Standard, All-Weather, Compact, and Magnum.


4. Nosler M48 Liberty Deer_hunting_rifle_M48_Liberty_Rifle_Package+Image.jpg

Source - Nosler

The M48 Liberty from Nosler is specially designed for performance and durability. Hunters who use this deer rifle will appreciate the synthetic stock and tuned trigger, as well as the push-button floorplate. The model comes in 18 different calibers, creating plenty of options for deer hunting and other game.


3. Remington Model 783 Deer_hunting_rifle_remington_Model783-Scope.jpg

Source - Remington

Although it’s priced for the frugal deer hunter, the Remington Model 783 has some premium features, including a CrossFire trigger and synthetic stock with SuperCell recoil pad. Deer_hunting_rifle_remington783_scope.jpg

These deer hunting rifles have a box magazine that holds four cartridges of standard ammo, while rifles built for magnum cartridges hold three.



Source - American Rifleman

2. Mossberg Patriot mosspat.jpg

Source - American Rifleman

The Mossberg Patriot remains a popular choice in deer-hunting land all across the country. Updated versions of the deer rifle are available with the unique Kryptec Highlander camouflage print. The rifle comes with a Lighting Bolt Action trigger, which allows deer hunters to adjust trigger pressure from two to seven pounds.


1. Marlin 336

Source - Wide Open Spaces

Lever-action rifles are not just for nostalgia, as they are also some of the hardest-hitting and effective deer hunting rifles you can find. The Marlin 336 is an incredibly popular model, particularly in .30-30 or .35 Remington chambering.

Marlin-30-30-deer_hunting_rifle.jpgSource - Wide Open Spaces


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