Donating Game: 11 Million Meals Served

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Game donation programs are making a splash by bringing together the worlds of hunting and philanthropy. In a nutshell, these programs are designed to allow hunters the opportunity to donate game that they have harvested. In most instances, the game is donated to a food bank or other civic organization who, in turn, uses it to feed underprivileged patrons of that institution. If you're anticipating having leftover game from your next hunt, we encourage you to take time to consider donating part or all of it.

As hunters, we have a tendency to view our game through the lens of size. How many points were on the last buck you brought down? How much did your biggest turkey ever weigh? It’s only natural that we think this way, and it’s good, because those numbers turn into more benefit than one might expect. In fact, the CSF has reported that 2.8 million pounds of meat were donated to various charities in 2010, and that this accounted for 11 million meals being served. Let that sink in.

Donating game saves you a great deal of hassle. Between cleaning, packaging and storing your prize, you’ve got a lot of work that could be avoided through a donation. Better still, an increasing number of game donation charities and partnerships mean that the donation process has never been this easy. You can learn more about which charities to donate to here:

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