How to Grow Your Outfitter Business and Increase the Value You Bring to Your Clients

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Whether you’ve just started your outfitter business or you’ve been operating independently for years, growth should always be on your mind. Maybe you’re trying to bring in new customers - or maybe you’re solely interested in retaining the relationships you’ve already established. Either way, increasing the value that you bring to the hunters and outdoorsmen you serve is your best option when it comes to building your business into something better. If you’re looking for a starting point for your growth plan, consider these key factors:

1) Streamline Your Contracts

You might be surprised by how many outfitters are drawing up entirely new contracts every time that they acquire a new customer. While there’s something to be said for the personal touch, finding a system or platform that allows you to streamline your contracts can save you a lot of time and increase your earning potential. Consider having stock contracts professionally drafted and saving them through a contract management system for further use.

2) Manage Client Lists

What’s a contract without it’s most important facet: the customer. If you aren’t already, be sure that you’re keeping detailed, organized lists of all of your current and former clients. In addition to reducing liability and increasing your internal transparency, keeping a well managed client list can help you develop that personal touch. For example, sending all of your past year’s clients a thank you card after their visit and at the end of the year is sure to help drum up repeat business.

3) Harness the Power of Social Media and Digital Marketing

Thanks to the incredible advances in technology the last few decades have born witness to, you no longer need to be a marketing guru to increase customer engagement. If you haven’t already, make sure that you have active social media profiles for your outfitting business. Start with at least one page on both Facebook and Twitter. These profiles will provide a solid avenue for low pressure marketing (like posting pictures of your territory during different seasons and climates) while also fostering another inroad for client communication.

4) Consolidate Booking, Cancellations and Transactional Finances

You don’t need to master Quickbooks or outsource your bookkeeping to a third party accounting firm to ensure it’s correct, but you do need to be keeping detailed records of any and all reservations, cancellations and payments made with your outfitting business. Integrating a digital platform for these aspects of your business will help you keep track of the little things - so they don’t become big things.

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