How to Increase Hunting Lease Demand for Your Land on FoggyTrail and Earn Positive Reviews

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from your investment - and one you should capitalize on. In order to get the most out of your listing, you’re going to want to earn positive reviews. Earning favorable reviews and comments from FoggyTrail users will help to generate more demand for your property - creating a cycle of positive feedback and increased earnings. Getting started and earning your first few reviews is a lot easier with these tips:

1) Be Social and Ask for Feedback

There’s a lot to be said for just good, old-fashioned politeness. Simply put, your renters are far more likely to return for another visit if you’re polite and social with them during the rental process. They may even refer their friends and other outdoorsmen to your listing. Follow up with a thank-you note for all of the hunters or outdoorsmen that rent your property. Thank them for their business and - most importantly - ask them if anything could have been done to improve their experience. If you take that feedback to heart and put it into practice, you’ll see positive reviews in no time.

2) Include Quality Photos in Your Listing

You might have the most desirable property on all of FoggyTrail to the right group of hunters or outdoorsmen, but they won’t know it without a strong visual aid. Make sure that you include high quality photographs in your listing of the property, the kind of game that your land holds, and any important structures or features on site.

3) List Any Available Gear

Potential renters will appreciate it if you list any and all gear available on your property. For example, if you have duck blinds constructed on your property, list specifically where they are and whether or not they can be used. Not only will this make your property more desirable to certain hunters, it will also make them more likely to leave you a positive review - fueling the cycle.

4) Name the Property

Largely, addresses are boring. Give your property a name or title your listing; after all, ‘Big Game Backwoods Paradise’ sounds a great deal more interesting than ‘1285 Country Road B24.’ See?

5) Exposure, Exposure, Exposure

At the end of the day, the most important factor for increasing demand is increasing your audience. Share your FoggyTrail listing on social media, through email or anywhere else your heart desires. The more people who know about your rental, the better.

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