How Outfitters Can Increase Their Bottom Line By Listing on FoggyTrail

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At FoggyTrail, we know that being an outfitter is more than just a line of work. By providing hunters and outdoorsmen with the opportunity to hunt on premium land, you continue a glorious tradition of outdoor recreation. With that said, we also understand that being an outfitter requires a savvy business sense and a great deal of hard work. That’s why we’re always working to put our outfitters in increasingly desirable professional situations. Take a look at these ways that listing your property on FoggyTrail can help you increase your bottom line.

1) Time is Money

The old adage may be cliche, but it’s lasted so long for a reason. Whether you’re an outfitter or an investment banker, time is your most valuable commodity. When you list with FoggyTrail, you’ll put less time into designing a listing than you would managing your reservation system independently. That saved time allows you to not only to book more customers, but also to put more of your day into growing and improving your business. Best of all, listing on FoggyTrail takes care of the administrative side of your business for you, helping to reduce cancellations and increase revenue.

2) Professional Web Presence = Increased Customer Engagement

You could have the best outfitting service or property on the market, but it wouldn’t mean anything if your customers weren’t engaged and aware of your offerings. With FoggyTrail, you’ll have the capacity to load high quality photos of your land and any game available to hunt, write detailed property descriptions or provide aerial maps of your territory, all without having to manage your own website. Perhaps even more valuably, you’ll also be able to directly communicate with your potential customers through our platform, providing a seamless experience for both sides from initial interest through your point of sale. In turn, your customers will be more engaged and more likely to work with you over another outfitter.

3) Simplified Inventory Fulfillment

Are you using Excel or another program to keep an inventory log? Maybe you’re still using a handwritten ledger to keep track of your gear. Either way, FoggyTrail can help digitize and simplify your gear inventory, as well as make it visible and accessible to your potential clients. With our platform, you’ll find keeping track of your gear and services easier than ever before, and you’ll also be able to provide a constantly up-to-date menu of your offerings to the outdoorsmen, hunters and sportsmen visiting your territory.

4) All Inclusive Packages

If you’re looking to rent out more than the rights to hunt on your land, listing an all inclusive package on FoggyTrail can help distinguish you from other outfitters. Providing potential customers with the opportunity to receive fully functional gear, training, or even a guided hunt makes your outfitter business that much more appealing, and you’re sure to see that difference in your bottom line.

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