How to Start an Outfitter Business

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Starting any new business comes with a fair share of challenges. No matter what type of industry you’re going into, it’s likely that you’re going to have to find investors or gather startup capital, develop a sound and well-reasoned business plan and identify a client base before you begin. As we know, though, starting an outfitter business is an entirely unique challenge. Of course, that challenge and the thrill of working in nature with outdoorsmen and sportsmen is exactly what makes starting an outfitter business so worth it. If you’re thinking about starting a venture as an outfitter, you may want to consider these tips:

1) Define Your Territory

This one should go without saying, but we’ll start with the basics. As an outfitter, you’ll need to define the territory that you want to work with. You wouldn’t go to a vegan grocery store to buy a steak, and you wouldn’t go to a desert outfitter to plan an arctic expedition. Pick a territory that excites you and get started.

2) Define Customer Acquisition Channels

Perhaps the single most important thing you should consider before starting any business is where you’re going to acquire your customers. Are you going to leverage the power of social media? Maybe you want to work through your existing network and word of mouth, or maybe you intend to advertise heavily. No matter what route you take, it’s critical to have a plan laid out to acquire customers before getting started. Ideally, you should have your first clients planned before you launch your business.

3) Drive Sales & Marketing

Let’s face it - you could be the world’s best outfitter and it simply wouldn’t matter if nobody knew who you were. Luckily, the rise of technology has made it simpler than ever to connect with potential customers and bolster your sales and marketing presence. In fact, when you join FoggyTrail, we make it simple to advertise your outfitter business online to a community of folks who share your interests.

4) Consider Attending a Guide School

Maybe you just stumbled into the idea to start an outfitter business. Maybe you’ve been doing it your whole life unofficially and now desire to get more serious about it. Either way, you may want to consider attending a guide school. Earning a credential from an outdoor guide school will increase consumer confidence in your brand and also refresh some of the skills you may have not used in a while.

If you’re starting an outfitter business, we’d love to talk. Get in touch with us today!

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