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Bringing home a prize catch isn’t the only appeal of hunting regularly. On the contrary, the sport involves many incredible aspects - not the least of which is having the opportunity to constantly explore new territories and geographies while doing something that you love. Of course, this exploration is dependent on the ability to find the best land to hunt on. Whether you’re totally new to FoggyTrail or an established user, these tips can help you use the service to it’s maximum potential, ensuring meaningful and interesting trips for years to come:

1) Build out Your Profile

You’ve taken the time to build out a dedicated social media presence across multiple outlets - so why wouldn’t you do the same with FoggyTrail? Our detailed user profiles allow you to list details about your interests when it comes to hunting, as well as traits about yourself outside of the sport. Take a few minutes to add a picture of yourself, as well as your preferences and a few facts about your hunting experience. The more personal touch your profile has, the more luck you’ll have leasing land. Also, be sure to ask for reviews from landowners or outfitters with whom you’ve had a positive experience, so that you can really stand out from the crowd as a responsible guest.

2) Guided Search

You can’t find the perfect place to hunt if you aren’t looking for it. Luckily, we make the searching easy. FoggyTrail offers a fully customizable map search with multiple filters so that you can rule out the unwanted sites and get directly to your hunting paradise.

3) Don’t Be Afraid to Ask

Just because you can’t find your perfect listing at first glance doesn’t mean it isn’t out there. If you’re having trouble locating exactly what you’re looking for on FoggyTrail, get in touch with our dedicated staff. We’re more than happy to work with you to make sure that your next hunting experience is one to remember. Ask away!

4) Use Our ‘Post Ad’ Feature

Coming soon, we’ll be launching a ‘post ad’ feature that will allow hunters to describe in detail exactly what they’re looking for in a land rental. Our community of landowners and outfitters will then be able to search the ad listings and contact sportsmen if there’s a potential match. Even better - try posting your ad listing to Craigslist, Facebook or Twitter - additional exposure always helps when you’re seeking something specific.

5) Check out the Newsletter

FoggyTrail sends out a weekly newsletter with stories from the hunting world, updates on the company and details on some of our most exciting new listings. Make sure to take a look at it each week, and also double check that you haven’t sorted it into your spam folder (...but we know you wouldn’t do that).

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