Hunting Land For Lease in Alabama

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Alabama is one of the most interesting and wide-ranging states for hunting.


With traditional game, such as whitetail deer and duck, as well as unique opportunities, including alligator and wild hog, Alabama has something for every hunter, no matter what the skill level.

If you are interested in Alabama hunting, here are a few of the game animals you can target:

Here's the Top 6 Game Animals for Alabama Hunting Trips...

1. Whitetail deer.


Ask any outdoorsman in Alabama about the best hunts in the state and they’ll likely start with whitetail deer. Alabama has multiple (although short) gun seasons that are spread out from late November to late January, and also has an archery season that lasts nearly four months.

Receive important deer season dates and news, here.

2. Wild turkey.

If you’re looking for a place to harvest a strutting tom, Alabama hunting land for lease will be a great option. Alabama hunters enjoy as much as six weeks of turkey hunting in the spring, making it a popular hunt when deer seasons are closed.


3. Bobwhite quail.

Although quail hunting isn’t as active as it used to be, Alabama hunting trips still include many adventures for these upland game birds. The season runs from early November through late February, but it is cut off during some deer season. 


4. Feral hog.

On private land, Alabama hunters can harvest hogs every day of the year with no bag limit. If you lease hunting land in Alabama, you can enjoy feral hog hunts and literally bring home the bacon. 


5. Alligator.

You know you want to try it! To limit population growth, Alabama hunting now includes alligator, a surprisingly tasty game animal. Alabama alligator hunts were made illegal after over-hunting in the 1920’s and 1930’s, but the population is now strong and hunting has been legal for over ten years.

This hunt is only available to Alabama residents, although non-residents can register as “hunting assistants” (Alabama DCNR).

6. Waterfowl.


Hunting land for lease in Alabama includes some of the finest waterfowl areas in the country. Alabama is blessed with productive waters, including the Tennessee River and the Mobile Tensaw Delta, which provide active waterfowl hunting trips. 

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How to Find hunting land for lease in Alabama

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