Outfitters as Entrepreneurs

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We’re prone, as a society, to imagine tech-savvy kids with Macbooks and hoodies when the term ‘entrepreneur’ comes to mind. While this is a natural reaction, entrepreneurship has grown to extend far beyond the traditional industries and into every corner of the business world. More than ever, we’re now beginning to see entrepreneurial practices in the realm of outdoorsmen, outfitters and private land rental.

Much of this transition has been fueled by the rise in accessibility of technology over the last two decades. Outfitters have come to realize that they don’t need to operate solely as brick and mortar enterprises, and can use technology to their advantage to attract new customers and retain existing ones.

Just like how traditional small business owners have come to use the Internet in their day to day operations, outfitters are using technological solutions to expand their reach, hone and target their client base and create new revenue streams.

At FoggyTrail, we’re taking lessons from the best practices in other industries to revolutionize the ways in which outdoorsmen rent, use and enjoy natural land. Whether you’re a hunter looking to connect with private landowners this hunting season or an outfitter trying to reach new clients, we can help. Join us today!

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