Planning Your Family Fishing Trip

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We know your type. While people are waiting around inside until it gets warm enough to go to the beach, you're already outside with your tackle box. You've had your fly reel packed in the car since the first sign of spring thaw. Now that it's warm enough to convince your sane family members to join you at the lake, river or pond, you can begin planning your next family fishing trip. Here's a few key points to consider:

Location, location, location

Without question, the location of your trip should be among the first things you figure out. In fact, nothing else can really get done until you have your location locked up. Whether you're looking for an isolated river to set down on with your family or a still pond to relax by, you'll find a host of great fishing properties when you book with us.

Fly vs. dry

As any expert angler knows, the location of your trip as well as the kind of fish you're chasing will determine much of your plan. After all, you wouldn't bring a fly reel out on the lake, right? If you're not sure what to bring with, get in contact with your host to determine the kind of fish that are native to the area you'll be fishing, and then plan accordingly.


Any successful trip is contingent on locking down as many of the details as possible as early as you can. Before you leave, make sure you've identified the best route to your destination, filled the gas tank, set two alarms and double checked your gear. It might cost you a few minutes, but your trip with your family will be infinitely smoother.

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