So Your Father-In-Law Wants To Take You Hunting

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So you’ve been asked to hunt with your father in law, but you don’t even know what the frick a quail is! 

It’s the moment you’ve been waiting for, even though a large part of you was hoping it would never come. But you don’t have a choice; you have to say yes.

Whether your wife pressured him into asking or he genuinely wants your company, you can’t back out, but you can make the experience better for everyone. You don’t have to be an expert because these tips will create a smooth hunt and help you earn the much-deserve yet always-withheld respect of your father in law.

Don’t B.S. About Your Experience

Trust us, your father in law will be able to tell pretty darn quick how much experience you have. If you have never hunted deer, turkey, or game of any kind, don’t try to talk yourself up. It’s best for everyone involved if you’re completely honest with him and yourself!

Know Your Game

Make sure you are well-equipped for the specific game you are hunting. If you are hunting pheasant, you’ll need a blaze-orange vest; if you’re hunting turkey, you’ll need head-to-toe camouflage. You’ll also need the right shotgun, rifle, or bow, so do your research and bring the right equipment. (In many cases, borrowing the weapon you need will be a cost-effective choice.)

Practice with Your Hunting Weapon

Don’t show up to the hunting grounds with no idea how to load your gun or activate the safety. Practice well in advance with your weapon so you not only know what you’re doing, but also maintain safety throughout the hunt.

Purchase a Quality Pair of Boots

Of all the apparel you need for hunting, don’t skimp on the boots. You can get by with discount hunting jackets and pants, but if you want to make it through a full day of marching through the fields and woods, a comfortable, dry pair of boots is essential. This is especially important if you will be pushing deer, roaming for pheasant, or walking a long distance to a stand.

Prepare to Get Up at the Crack of Dawn

If your goal is to lose all respect from your father in law, the best thing you can do is be late for a hunt; while you’re at it, complain about how early it is and mention how badly you need an espresso macchiato. Serious hunters want to be in place before the shooting hours open, and nothing drives them crazier than wasted time waiting for a tardy group member. If you’re not a morning person, you’ll probably want to start adjusting your sleep schedule so you can be up well before the sunrise!

Stay Quiet

Silence is the name of the game. Whether the game is deer, elk, duck, or whitetail, the last thing your father in law wants is Chatty Carl spooking away all the animals. Keep conversations to a minimum and stay focused on the hunt; you can talk his ear off over deer steaks when you return home.

By being truthful, prepared, and knowledgeable, you will earn the respect of your father in law. But always remember to have fun. It may be intimidating to go hunting with your father in law, but you’re guaranteed to have fun if you relax and enjoy the experience

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