Texas Farmers are Earning Additional Income By Fixing Their Wild Boar Problem

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As a farmer, your crops are your most important asset. You spend countless hours researching agricultural techniques, learning the lay of the land, irrigating your crops and tending to their general well being. With all of that effort considered, it can be absolutely devastating, both financially and otherwise, to have your crops irreparably damaged before the harvest.

That’s exactly the situation that some Texan farmers found themselves in recently, as an outbreak of wild boars binging on crops threatened the value of their harvests.

Not only is it exhausting and dificult for these farmers to get rid of these animals, it also takes them away from their daily agricultural work. Additionally, privately hiring hunters to get rid of these boars poses a great expense. Using FoggyTrail, however, can provide farmers the opportunity to fix the problem while also earning additional income.

Through renting their properties out to hunters who had already been carefully vetted by FoggyTrail, the farmers were able to bring in outside individuals who would not only get rid of the hogs, but who would pay them to do it.

FoggyTrail helped these farmers protect their crops and make some passive income at the same time. Whether you’re trying to insulate your crops from predators or simple make some extra cash when you aren’t using your property, try FoggyTrail today.