Top 3 Schools for Guides and Outfitters

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There are countless reasons to become an outfitter. Maybe you grew up around hunting and want to share your experience with others. Perhaps you love the outdoors and want to make that your primary line of business. Whatever the reason, training to be an outfitter before starting off in that line of work can be beneficial, no matter how experienced you are. Outfitter schools provide a comprehensive experience in an unforgettable atmosphere, and may be something you want to consider. If you’re wondering where to start, here are three of the top guide and outfitter programs available:

1) Swan Mountain Wilderness Guide School

Swan Mountain offers specialized programs for individuals looking to become general outdoor guide, specialized outfitters, hunter guides and more at their location in Swan Valley Montana. The course at Swan Mountain run from 4 to 5 weeks in length and cater to potential outfitters of all skill levels. If you’re looking to turn outfitting or guide school into a career, Swan Mountain has set itself apart by developing an extremely well-built career services branch, as well.

2) Royal Tine

Offering both guide schools and packer trainings, Royal Tine is set against the beautiful backdrop of of Philipsburg, Montana. Having been in business for more than two decades already, this school not only offers an exciting program, but also an extremely broad alumni network. If you’re looking to just get your feet wet, Royal Tine also offers a shorter, two-week Outdoor Adventurer course.

3) Texas Guide School

Situated in the Lone Star State, the Texas Guide School is the brainchild of Clay Pope, the owner of Pope Brothers Guide Service & Outfitting as well as a charter business. The TGS curriculum includes CPR, first aid and AED training, field judging and scoring, Wilderness survival, camp set-up and cooking and countless other techniques and subjects necessary to becoming a successful outfitter. You can find more on their website, listed below:

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