What is Muzzleloader Hunting, and what are Muzzleloaders?

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Why Should You Hunt with a Muzzleloader?

But muzzleloading hunts should be on every hunter’s schedule. This unique form of hunting is rewarding, challenging, and immensely enjoyable, so let’s take a closer look at muzzleloaders, muzzle loading seasons, and why you should be using them in the coming year.

Why Should You Try Muzzleloader Hunting?

We won’t get into the details of loading and firing a muzzleloader (that’s a process you’ll be able to pour over when you buy one), but many hunters and firearms enthusiasts find significant satisfaction using these single-shot rifles. The loading process, where every bullet, primer, and powder needs to be carefully inserted, is a more detailed, refined experience than simply loading a magazine and firing away at a paper target. (Nothing wrong with that, of course!) The challenge of shooting individual loads can be immensely rewarding for hunters and target shooters.

With the single-shot characteristic of muzzleloaders, there is an added challenge to hunting with these rifles. While even autoloading rifles require skill, patience, and accuracy (they do make muzzleloader scopes!), the challenge of muzzleloading requires enhanced proficiency with the weapon.

There is also the fact that most muzzleloaders are less expensive than their bolt-action, lever-action, and automatic counterparts. While you can certainly find muzzleloaders with premium price tags, the relative simplicity of muzzleloaders makes them, in most case, more affordable than other firearms. (One popular brand is the traditions muzzleloader).

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When is Muzzleloading Season?

While the dates and length of muzzleloading seasons will vary by state, you can generally hunt with a muzzleloader earlier in the year, often giving deer hunters a chance at rutting trophy bucks. This is another significant advantage to owning a muzzleloader, as you will usually have longer opportunities to hunt and be able to access hunting ground that is less crowded, as far fewer hunters own a muzzleloader than a 12-gauge.

Many states have multiple muzzleloading deer seasons that are available before and after shotgun season (find your state's info, here).


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Choosing a Muzzleloader

There are many different muzzleloaders available, so you can find options to fit your specific needs and wants. Although .50-caliber barrels have become almost universal, you can find muzzleloaders fitted for smaller or larger barrels. (Also see Top 6 Deer Hunting Rifles).

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CVA muzzleloaders are some of the most popular on the market. This brand is known for quality products and innovative manufacturing, so you can certainly turn to CVA whether you’re purchasing your first or twentieth muzzleloader.

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