When is money collected?

You will not get charged until a host as accepted your request. A host has up to 48 hours to respond to your request. At that time the booking will cancel and your card will not get charged for that request.

As a host, when does money get transferred to my bank account?

Money will transfer to your account 24 hours after the start of each booking. The process of the transfer may take a couple of business days for your bank to process the payment.

What is a "guest service fee"?

FoggyTrail charges a transactional guest fee for using the platform. The fee is 9% of the listing price and is charged to the guest. The value of the guest service fee will be displayed on the booking payment form.

How long does a Host have to confirm/reject a booking request?

A host has 48 hours to confirm or reject a request.

What information is made publicly available?

Unlike classified and other listing sites, you do not and should not make publicly available your personal contact information. We we always keep your personal information private. Visit our privacy policy at www.foggytrail.com/term/privacy if you ever have questions regarding your privacy.

What happens if I need to cancel a booking?

As a host and as a guest you can cancel at anytime. As a guest you may incur a cancellation fee imposed by the host. See our cancellation policy for more information.

What is a "host fee"?

Credit card companies and payment systems charge a transactional amount. A host fee is used to cover these charges. The host fee is 3% and will be automatically deducted from the transferred amount to your bank account.

I love providing feedback! How can I?

Well, we may have made this question up BUT your feedback is so incredibly important to us that we wanted to add it. You can provide feedback on any page by clicking that little 'help' button in the lower right corner or by emailing info@foggytrail.com