FoggyTrail for Outfitters

Grow Your Business!

Your Business is Better on FoggyTrail

From buying new equipment to spending more time with clients, Outfitters on FoggyTrail use their extra income to build their business and their extra time to do what they love best!

Get Discovered

Get in front of outdoorsmen, from all over the world, that are looking to find quality businesses like yours.

Fill Openings

Whether you you still have availabilies, a last minute cancellation, or just want to get ahead of the curve, FoggyTrail can find someone for you quickly.

Add More Properties

Looking to expand your business around your area or across the country? FoggyTrail connects landowners with Outfitters to manage their property for free!

Reduce Paperwork

Stop spending time and money on managing bookings, collecting payment, scheduling, and marketing- we take care of that dirty work so you can focus on what you love to do best.

Enhanced Interaction

Update existing and potential customers by posting pictures, videos and content.

It's all free!


How FoggyTrail Works for You

Sign up you business

List your business and properties

Upload photos, add a description, list the types of hunting/fishing, and set the price(s). Let others know what your property is like and what is available.

You're in control

Set your availability, your rules, and choose who books your property.

We got you

We’re always here to help, from listing your properties, to assisting you with your bookings, we have the tools and resources to help.

Guests find your listings and book

Manage your guests

Messaging through our app helps you get to know guests and answer any questions. Keep them all in the know with one time updates.

Plan for check-in

Some prefer to meet in person or provide detailed maps. You choose what works best for you.

What about privacy?

Keep detailed maps and address of your properties private. Choose to give them out upon a booking. We don't give out any personal information.

Welcome your guests

How Guests Pay

FoggyTrail handles all of the payments— you never have to deal directly with money. Guests get charged before they arrive.

How you get paid

Your payment is automatically sent 24 hours after your guest checks in. Easy.

Earnings and fees

Listing your business on FoggyTrail is free. To cover credit card costs, FoggyTrail takes a 3% host service fee on each reservation.

1 (312) 408-8558

If you still have questions or have other comments/concerns, a FoggyTrail team member will be happy to help. Give us a call and we will be happy to answer any questions or help you get setup.