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Extra Income

Make more money off your land by letting others enjoy it with activities you approve of.

Secure Payments

We'll watch your six. Don't worry about not getting paid or awkwardly asking for money again. With our automatic payment system, we handle the payments for you.

Added Privacy

Your address(es) will only be given to those you confirm bookings to. For added privacy we allow you to only give access to only those you invite.

More Control

Control your own schedule. Control your own price. Control who, what and when. All without having to ask for it.

How it works

Post your property

Set your price, choose your availability, select allowed activities, upload pictures and optionally make it private.

Review and Confirm Booking

Choose to accept or decline each booking request. See who is making the request, when they are requesting it for, and the total price.

Automatic Payment

When a booking is confirmed we will secure the payment and transfer it directly into your account right after the booking.

Happy Hosting

You can directly communicate with the buyer through our app. If you need help along the way, a personal customer representative is here to help.

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If you still have questions or have other comments/concerns, a FoggyTrail team member will be happy to help. Give us a call and we will be happy to answer any questions or help you get setup.

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